Frequently Asked Questions

No, Arizona Homeschool Law only requires the Parent/Guardian to complete an affidavit for each child homeschooling. Affidavit of Intent to Homeschool

Parents of homeschooled students ages 6-16 are required to file a notarized Affidavit of Intent to Homeschool with the County School Superintendent within 30 days of starting to homeschool (or within 30 days following the child’s 6th birthday for children who’ve been homeschooled prior to age 6) A.R.S. §15-802 (B)(2).

NO, HUG does not accept ESA, nor does it give any members permission to get reimbursed through the ESA program for any activity associated with HUGAZ.   – please read Shekels With Shackles – Exodus Mandate and School Choice is a Trap to see how ESA is a threat to our homeschooling freedoms.

HUG was built on the premise that God grants parents the right and delivers the tools necessary to teach our own children.  Our mission reiterates this sentiment saying, “we do not co-parent with the government.”  ESA is a federally funded program, where all children enrolled are no longer considered homeschoolers, but ESA or “government” students.  HUG believes parents have the sole right to direct their children and “raise them up”, not the government.

No, when you enroll in the ESA program your student is considered an ESA student (which is federally funded), not a homeschooler.  Arizona defines a “Homeschooler” as in  ARS §15-802 (G)(2) Homeschool means a nonpublic school conducted primarily by the parent, guardian or other person who has custody of the child or nonpublic instruction provided in the child’s home.

No,  the cost of homeschooling can be tailored to the individual family’s needs.  It does not cost a lot to homeschool, but also depends on a number of factors including:

  • The curriculum and resources you choose
  • How many and what types of extracurricular activities your child participates in
  • Field trips and enrichment activities you choose to do
  • If you decide to have your child take a standardized test


Homeschooling does not have to be expensive, and it is a worthwhile investment in your child.

Yes!  Here is a great podcast explaining the benefits of HLDSA to your family today! Durenda Wilson and HLDSA

Yes! It is a wonderful opportunity to really make your homeschooling journey a strong one!  Plus there guest speakers are always incredible!

We are a very active bunch in HUG.  Many of our children play sports or participate in other physical activities outside of the group. Arizona Revised Statutes §15-802.01 states that a homeschooled child who resides within the attendance area of a public school shall be allowed to try out for interscholastic activities (such as sports) on behalf of the public school in the same manner as a pupil who is enrolled in that school. Parents who choose this avenue should familiarize themselves with the policies of the Arizona Interscholastic Association (AIA).

Each May, Homeschool Underground host perhaps our favorite event where we recognize all our students’ achievements.  We “promote” grade levels and “graduate” Kindergarteners, Middle School Students, and High School Seniors. It is a special celebration of important milestones and includes a commencement speaker, musical performances by our own HUG kiddos and families, Student Government recognition, student body address, family gifts, awards, year book delivery and signing, photo opportunities, and light refreshments and food.

a.     If this is a concern, HUG is your answer.  Please read an article I wrote smashing the stigma that Homeschoolers are not socialized and examine the following definition of “socialization”: to make fit for companionship with others; make sociable.” 

b.     Many homeschooling families have discovered that healthy socialization takes place when children are exposed to people of all ages in various settings, rather than being limited to a group of peers all about the same age. – HUG provides that and more!