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Dear Potential Sponsor,

First off, thank you for considering becoming a HUGAZ Sponsor!  Homeschool Underground Arizona is technically a co-op, but as our founding member, Brittany Stewart, says, “it’s not just a co-op, but also a movement!  A movement about choice in our children’s’ education, and a community to encourage each other and develop relationships for us, our kids, and our families of like-minded people! 


Please take some time and explore our beliefs & values and what we have to offer the Arizona Homeschooling Community!  Many of the features of our website are private, like our event calendar, educational resources and member directory; privacy is one of the most important aspects of this community.

Very briefly, sponsorship benefits include your name, number, and logo on the website with a direct link to your business web site, a banner at all HUGAZ public events, and your logo on any merchandise where sponsors are listed.

Sponsorship helps our co-op with events like our Classes, Graduation, supplies, prizes, and the necessities to make things happen!  We also use sponsorship funds to provide our students with opportunities like field trips, celebrations, and other extracurricular activities all aimed at social, emotional, and educational growth.  If you decide to move forward with sponsorship and would like an itemized list of your sponsorship went/is going to wards, we can provide that.

Thank you for your interest! 

God Bless,


Complete the below Registration form, but add “Sponsor” to “Membership Role” field. This will allow you to submit your Company Name, upload your Logo, and website address.

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As an extra level of security of your family's personal information, we require members to use passwords not found in any password breaches tracked by Have I Been Pwned. Plaintext passwords are never sent to Have I Been Pwned. Instead, 5 characters of the hashed password are sent over an encrypted connection to their API.

Once the above registration is approved (please allow 12-24 hours for approval) once notified you may then LOGIN to submit your One-time commitment of at least $200/ per year.

(of course, if you would like to donate more, we won’t argue!)

  •  Advertisement space on our website with a link to your company’s site (we will match your preferred format and information provided via email to the best of our ability)
  • Weekly advertisement via the HUGAZ newsletter!
  • Recognition on the HUGAZ Telegram channel!
  • Whenever you have clubs, events, camps, or special events you wish us to advertise for you we will!

HUGAZ accepts Cash, Check (paid to HUGAZ LLC), PayPal (via britt@hugaz.com) or Online HERE

This donation is NOT tax deductible.