How Hug Works




Our History: HUG was developed after a few like-minded homeschooling (and almost-homeschooling) families became fed up with the socialistic atmosphere that became amplified in 2020.  I was tired of seeing children miss out on certain events and social opportunities because of masks, social distancing, and vaccine mandates.  In a conscious effort, I sought to create an alternative for our children who yearned for a sense of community and socialization that was normal and pure.  Also, as engaged parents, my husband and I were aware of the importance of this effort for academic and social development. Our frustrations from the last year were compiled and after many conversations HUG was created in February 2021. 

“Whether a child is homeschooled, conventionally schooled, or otherwise, it is the family who is ultimately responsible for the child’s education and socialization.”

How HUG Works: Homeschool Underground embraces the traditional definition of a “co-op”: Cooperation. We believe we can successfully collaborate and support each other while respecting each family’s available time, funds, skills, and knowledge. We rely on everyone to pitch in when and however they can and require a small membership donation of $100/family annually.. We use the term “members” to refer to families who have signed up for our weekly email updates and have added their contact information to our privately-held database (visible only to the Founder and Chairman, Brittany) in order to be contacted more readily.

All guests are welcome to view and utilize all the information on this site. This simplicity and freedom are the embodiment of HUG.  In this format we all participate as a “committee” by helping, communicating, and collaborating on events for our families.

We encourage all families to participate and help out with events as much as they can. It’s understood that everyone is free to pick and choose what works for their schedules and budgets. NOTE: We are always open to new opportunities to get together, so if a family would like to set up a field trip, host a celebration, invite others on a day trip or camping trip, etc. all approved members have to do is fill out the Event Submission form to be approved by Britt (see the FORM under Events -> NEW – Event Submission) to get it added to the calendar.

Please take some time to view Arizona Homeschool Laws by visiting AFHE and HLDSA websites.